At home in luxury - 3 of the wealthiest cities in Texas

In north Texas and really all over the world, there are many cites, towns, and metroplexes. Some of them are nice, but some are not so nice. 3 luxurious north Texas cities will be in this hub. They include Westover Hills in west Fort Worth, Highland/University Park in north Dallas, and Colleyville in north Tarrant county.

Westover Hills, Texas – Westover Hills, Texas is located in west Fort Worth. The city is very small, coming in at only 0.7 square mile. It has a population around 1,000 persons. Westover Hills has a history of wealth. Westover Hills was the wealthiest location in Texas per capital income and the 12th highest income place in the US! The median income for the residents in a household of Westover Hills was well over $200,000. Westover Hills is located in the Fort Worth school district.

Westover Hills has many luxurious homes. Most of the homes are over $1,000,000 or very close. Westover Hills seems to be very Conservative, giving more that $9,000 to the Republican party. Some famous residents include the Bass family. The Bass family has a rich history in north Texas. They reside in a private compound.

Westover Hills homes are also unique homes. Some are casual and low-life (but big), but most are unique having different shapes and turns, driveways going off different directs, some homes even look like castles. This is one good featue of Westover Hills. Whenever one thinks of Westover Hills, Texas, BIG and unique houses always come to mind.

A home in Highland Park

Tom Hick's house

Mark Cuban's mansion

Highland Park, Texas – Highland Park is located in far north Dallas. It is the 41st wealthiest city in the US and the 19th wealthiest city with a population over 1,000 people. It is the 3rd wealthiest location in Texas per capital income. Highland Park is bigger than Westover Hills, coming in at 2.2 square miles.

University Park, which is also a well known wealthy small city, borders Highland Park to the north. Together, Highland Park and University Park make the Park Cities.

Highland Park is large enough to have its own school district, the Highland Park Independent School District.

Highland Park is a very special part of Dallas because it is where all the big mansions are located. Homes in Highland Park are at the top of luxury, some topping off at over $15,000,000! Some famous residents of Dallas include most of the players of sport teams like Dirk Nowitski, Troy Aikman, and Mike Madano. Tom Hicks, owner of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars live in Highland Park in a $41 million house. Jerry Jones, big businessman and owner of the Dallas Cowboys, live in Highland Park with a house over $17 million. There are also many famous executives, CEO’s, and wealthy businessmen that reside in Highland and University Park. So as I said, Highland Park homes are TOP luxury. Residents who reside in Highland Park have high-paying jobs.

Some occupations that Highland Park’s residents do are medical doctors, surgeons, lawyers, executives, or CEO/ founder/ president of a big company. In order to reside in Highland Park, you might want to bring a wallet full of money. Highland Park and University Park are true luxury cities.

Colleyville, Texas – Colleyville, Texas is rather larger than Highland Park and Westover Hills coming in at 13.1 square miles. Colleyville is in a prime and growing location in Tarrant county. Areas around and in Colleyville are rapidly growing. Some cities located near Colleyville include Southlake, Keller, and Westlake. The estimated home value in Colleyville was just over $400,000.

Colleyville homes are modern and come in different sizes. Most of the homes in Colleyville are large, but small are small. Colleyville real estate is also booming. Many homes in Colleyville are for sale and in good condition.

Some famous residents of Colleyville include Texas Ranger Hank Blalock, former Texas Rangers Rafeal Palmeiro and Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez, Roy Williams, Chad Campbell and Jimmie Vaughan.

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